PLACE                                                 OPENING DATE                                     CLOSING DATE

Corner of Jesse Jewell Pkwy.                Tuesday May 4, 2021                                  October, 2021

                     & East Crescent Drive


TIMES: TUESDAY'S = 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM ** THURSDAYS = 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM ** SATURDAY'S = 8:00 AM to 12:00 NOON.

                            (Gate opens 2:00PM for vendors)                                                  (Gate opens 7:30 AM for vendors)



1.         All products sold at the Market must be grown in Hall County or in a county adjoining a county which adjoins Hall County. All products must be sold by

           the person who grew the product or by a family member.  You cannot buy produce from other sources to sell at the market.

           Approved counties are; Hall, Gwinnett, Barrow, Jackson, Banks, Habersham, White, Lumpkin, Dawson, and Forsyth.  Also – Rockdale, Walton,

           Oconee, Clarke, Madison, Franklin, Stephens, Rabun, Towns, Union, Fannin, Gilmer, Pickens, Cherokee, Fulton, DeKalb, and Oconee, S.C.


2.         Only members of Hall County Farmer's Market, Inc. will be permitted to sell at the Market.  The annual membership fee is $10.00.


3.         Assigned spaces will be available to members who pay a $150.00 advance fee.

           Spaces rented for the year ($150.00) become that member’s space for the remainder of that calendar year. No other seller will be allowed to sell from

           that space without written permission from the vendor who rents it. These spaces are assigned to the seller based on the previous year’s occupancy.                    April 1st is the deadline for previous year consideration.

           Requests for changes from the previous year space assignment will be treated as a new request and filled based on a first come, first served basis after

           April 1st. Any exceptions MUST be approved by the rules committee.


4.         A fee of $15.00 per day is charged per parking space at the Market; however, the person paying the $150.00 advance fee will not be required to pay

           the $15.00 per day fee unless he desires additional space.


5.         Each seller will be required to keep his area clean and not leave anything that might be objectionable.  A personal trash can is a good idea.


6.         Public relation with the shoppers is most important.  All sellers at the Market are encouraged to be friendly, courteous, truthful and honest.

           Customer or Member complaints will be looked into by the Rules Committee.  Any seller who continues to have complaints about their products will

           be given an opportunity to justify continued participation in the Market.  Smoking by sellers is allowed only in designated areas.

           Profanity by sellers is not allowed.


7.         The seller should furnish something to put the items in for the customer.  This may be sacks, boxes or baskets.


8.         It is the responsibility of the seller to have Class III (legal for trade) scales.  All scales are subject to G.A. Dept. of Agriculture approval.

           All produce Must be sold by weight unless state approved units of measure are used (i.e., bushel, half bushel, pint, quart). Be sure to give good weights.

9.         All vegetables and produce sold by volume must conform to the weight standards for that unit of measure as established by the Georgia Department of

           Agriculture for weights and measures. Approved units of measure are, Pound, Dozen, Pint, Quart, Gallon, Bushel, Half Bushel, Peck.

           No small baskets of produce will be used as a unit of measure at the market.

           A list of weights & measures is posted on the bulletin board in the office.


10.        All value add products, such as, homemade canned products, baked goods, candies, freshly prepared foods, etc., MUST be produced in a state

            approved and licensed kitchen, in full accordance with all state laws and seller MUST submit current year certificate with market affidavit when

            applying to participate.


11.        All farmers selling live plants, whether potted, bare root, or bulb, etc., MUST have, and provide the Hall County Farmers Market a copy of,

            a Georgia Department of Agriculture Live Plant License. Live Plant License Categories and Fees - Ga Dept of Agriculture (georgia.gov)


12.        A Rules Committee composed of the Market Manager and two (2) members of the Board of Directors, will have authority to instruct a farmer or seller

            to vacate the Market if necessary. This Committee can also recommend to the full Board that a member be expelled from the Hall

            County Farmer's Market, Inc.  If such a recommendation is made, the Member will have an opportunity for a hearing before the entire Board.


13.        No selling outside the gate before the market opens will be allowed. The market will start each market day with the ringing of a bell by market

            management. Vendors will not be allowed to sell or bag items prior to the ringing of the starting bell. Penalty for violation of this rule will be as follows:

            First offense will be vendor expulsion for the day. Second offense will be vendor expulsion for the year. This rule is being added so you can inform the

            customers, “No one can sell before the bell rings, or they will be kicked out of the market. “


14.        Our market allows the sale of craft items.  Craft items or pictures of such should be submitted for the approval by 3 board members.

15.         All sellers must abide by the MINIMUM PRICE LIST for common produce items sold at the market. These prices are very fairfor all farmers and do not                 restrict any farmer from asking a higher price. (Quantities of 10 pounds or more are not subject to these prices.) A minimum price list will be                           provided to all farmers selling at the market. Minimum prices are set by a committee of market members and approved by the Board of Directors. Any                   questions regarding the minimum prices should be directed to the Board of Directors. All produce for sale at the market must have visible pricing for                     customers to view. The penalty for not following this rule is immediate expulsion from the market.


16.        All new sellers will be allowed to sell for one market day after which their facility/farm will need to be inspected in order to continue to sell at the market. 


17.        Sellers will be required to wear appropriate face coverings to address the transmission of Covid 19.