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The Hall County Farmers Market, Inc. is a non-profit organization established to promote the profitability of local farmers while insuring fresh, locally grown produce for the local community. Our mission is to provide farmers with a point of delivery for the harvest from their fields that compliments the food needs of the families we serve.
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     The Hall County Farmers Market started very small in the early seventies with no home and no true plan. Those farmers moved from place to place, trying to establish some type of following. In the mid 70's, a home was found at Lakeshore Mall. The market  matriarch, Mrs. Evelyn Canup told of how the first market at the mall was held inside J.C. Penny's, but was moved outside after one market when the corn remnants on the floor were found to be  to much for management. Although it was shifted from place to place in the parking lot, Lakeshore Mall was its home!

     In 1982, after years of involvement with the mall and the help of the Hall County Extension office, the Hall County Farmers Market Inc. was formed. The incorporation allowed a Board of Directors to be named to guide the market and take care of its business.

     Then in the early 90's, Hall County citizens passed a 1% sales tax to build our current facility. Our market has 57 vendor parking spaces under two large pole barns, out of the rain, and in the shade. An office, for our market manager, mens and womens restroom facilities for our customers and plenty of parking make a visit to the market a true pleasure.


​     Everyone wants to know, when will the tomatoes be here? Our early season farmers will answer this question dozens of times between May and July.

     Everything at the market is grown locally, harvested fresh, and sold by the farmer that grew it. Our farmers farms are inspected by our market manager to ensure that they bring only what they  grow. We do not allow any buy-resale produce at our market or produce peddlers, "ONLY FARMERS" and Local Artisans.

     Highlight the HOME tab with your cursor and "Click" on the VEGETABLES tab to see the list of produce usually available each month. It is hard to say what will be at the market on any given day because each farm is individually owned and operated. Farmers are a special breed, and work and live a different lifestyle. Come out and get to know us, we hope to see you there!


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